Daryl Perücke Wig Cosplay TV Kostüm Costume Kurz Lockig Wellig Haar Zubehör Hair Accessories

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Marke The Walking Dead


Daryl Wig Cosplay TV Costume Accessories Wig Hair Halloween Party

Universal style cosplay wig.

Notice: The wig in the picture is styled by our hairstyle designer. When you bought this product, you could style it and make it looks better by yourself. The wig may be squeezed during the trip, but we will try to protect it well and makes you feel satisfied with it.

Care Instructions

1. Wash in cold or lukewarm water.
2. Add a dash of Shampoo and wash gently.
3. Rinse thoroughly in cold water.
4.Use metal comb or oxhorn comb. Plastic comb will cause static electricity.
5. Brush wig into desired style after it is completely dry.
6.Enjoy your wig and have fun wearing it!